The Gospel of Mark - SPEP Sermon Archive

The Kingdom of God Mark 1:1-15 Brian LoPiccolo
Follow Me Mark 1:16-20 Brian LoPiccolo
Kingdom Authority Mark 1:21-28 Bill Evans
Why I Have Come Mark 1:29-38 Brian LoPiccolo
Lonely Places Mark 1:39-45 Brian LoPiccolo
Your Sins Are Forgiven Mark 2:1-12 Brian LoPiccolo
Tax Collectors and Sinners Mark 2:13-17 Brian LoPiccolo
Disciples Mark 2:18-22 Max Benfer
A Question about Fasting Mark 2:18-22 Max Benfer
Patches and Wineskins Mark 2:18-22 Max Benfer
Lord of the Sabbath Mark 2:23-28 Max Benfer
No Waiting Mark 2:23 - 3:6 Bill Evans
Under Pressure Mark 3:7-19 Bill Evans
An Eternal Sin Mark 3:20-30 Brian LoPiccolo
Who Are My Mother and My Brothers Mark 3:31-35 Max Benfer
The Parable of the Sower Mark 4:1-20 Max Benfer
Ears to Hear Mark 4:21-25 Brian LoPiccolo
The Harvest Has Come Mark 4:26-29 Brian LoPiccolo
Looking for the Seemingly Insignificant Mark 4:30-34 Trip Beans
Storm Theology Mark 4:35-41 Bill Evans
Clear and Present Divinity Mark 5:1-20 Bill Evans
Healthy Faith Mark 5:21-43 Bill Evans
More than Meets the Eye Mark 6:1-13 Bill Evans
Distressed Because of Dinner Guests Mark 6:14-29 Glenn Parkinson
Work and Rest Mark 6:30-34 Glenn Parkinson
The Feeding of Five Thousand Mark 6:35-44 Max Benfer
Their Hearts Were Hardened Mark 6:45-52 Glenn Parkinson
People Recognized Jesus Mark 6:53-56 Glenn Parkinson
Clean and Unclean Mark 7:1-23 Brian LoPiccolo
For Such a Reply Mark 7:24-30 Glenn Parkinson
Be Opened Mark 7:31-37 Glenn Parkinson
The Yeast of the Pharisees Mark 8:1-21 Glenn Parkinson
Peephole or Panoramic Vision? Mark 8:22-26 Bill Evans
You Are the Christ Mark 8:22-38 Glenn Parkinson
Transfigured Mark 9:1-13 Glenn Parkinson
I Believe; Help My Unbelief Mark 9:14-29 Max Benfer
Who Was the Greatest? Mark 9:30-37 Brian LoPiccolo
Have Salt in Yourselves Mark 9:38-50 Glenn Parkinson
Like a Little Child Mark 10:13-31 Glenn Parkinson
What God Has Joined Together Mark 10:1-12 Glenn Parkinson
Moving from me to He Mark 10:32-45 Bill Evans
But He Shouted All the More Mark 10:46-52 Glenn Parkinson
Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord Mark 11:1-11 Glenn Parkinson
The Fig Tree You Cursed has Withered Mark 11:11-21 Glenn Parkinson
Have Faith in God Mark 11:22-25 Max Benfer
By What Authority? Mark 11:27-33 Glenn Parkinson
Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's Mark 12:13-17 Glenn Parkinson
He is a God of the Living Mark 12:18-27 Glenn Parkinson
Not Far from the Kingdom Mark 12:28-34 Glenn Parkinson
My Lord Mark 12:35-40 Brian LoPiccolo
The Widow's Offering Mark 12:41-44 Max Benfer
A Crowning Prophecy Mark 13:1-37 Bill Evans
She Did What She Could Mark 14:1-11 Glenn Parkinson
My Blood of the Covenant Mark 14:12-26 Glenn Parkinson
Strengthening Faith for the Crossroads Mark 14:32-52 Bill Evans
They All Condemned Him Mark 14:53-65 Glenn Parkinson
Crucify Him! Mark 15:1-15 Brian LoPiccolo
They Crucified Him Mark 15:16-47 Glenn Parkinson
He Has Risen Mark 16:1-14 Max Benfer
Go into all the World and Preach the Good News Mark 16:15-20 Last in Series Glenn Parkinson