Touring the Psalms - SPEP Sermon Archive

Putting Down Roots Psalm 1:1-6 Dan Smith
The King We Need, But Don't Want Psalm 2:1-12 Dan Smith
In His Hands and On His Heart Psalm 8:1-9 Dan Smith
What A Fool Believes Psalm 14:1-7 Dan Smith
All Bark, No Bite Psalm 3:1-8 Mike Fenimore
The Lord Hears Paslm 4:1-8 Mike Stephan
God Has Spoken Psalm 19:1-14 Dan Smith
Facing Our Fears Psalm 27:1-14 Dan Smith
The Lord is My Shepherd Psalm 23: 1-6 Mike Fenimore
That You May Be Feared Psalm 130: 1-8 Mike Stephan
Taking Responsibility for Our Actions and Why Jiminy Cricket was Wrong Psalm 51:1-10 Dan Smith
Taking Responsibility for Our Actions, Part 2 Psalm 51:11-19 Dan Smith
The Lord's Song Psalm 137 Jacob Brunk